Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

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    When you know that your dental appointment is coming up, does an unpleasant feeling overcome you? Do you often wish that your appointment will be cancelled or postponed to a much later time? And when there's no escaping it, while waiting for your turn in the dental office, does your heart start beating faster than usual and your hands clammy? And as soon as you hear that all-too-familiar high-pitched sound of the dental drill, does it make you want to get out of the dental office faster than a speeding bullet?  If you answer yes to one, or all, of those questions, you are not alone! A good majority experience a certain level of fear when it comes to their dental appointments. But why is that?

    Oftentimes, a history of a painful and traumatic dental experience becomes forever etched in your mind that everytime you know you will be visiting your dentist soon, the memory of the pain and trauma elicits the same fear all the time. Some patients may have had a bad experience with their dentists who seemed distant to them, not having a pleasant personality, and not establishing a good patient-dentist rapport/relationship. Some other patients develop their fear because of the negative connotation dentists have in thanks to the media who sometimes portray us as some kind of horror creatures who enjoy inflicting pain on others. I know of other patients who detest the sound of the dental drill alone! Those with irrational fear of the dentists make them avoid going to the dentist altogether, sacrificing their oral health without realizing that the damage or harm it may do to their teeth will already be irreparable. 

    Talk to your dentist about your fears. Tell us what scares you. Let us know why you feel that way. Believe it or not, we, more than anybody else, understand the way you feel. Building this kind of trust and confidence with us, your dental practitioners, is one of the first steps in overcoming your fear,  Since most of these fears are due to past experiences that dates back to their chidlhood days, it is best to make the child's dental appointments, especially the very first ones, be as pleasurable as possible. So that as they grow older, they will always look forward to their dental visits more than they would fear them.

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