Benefits of Family Dentistry

Your family dentist in Sudbury, MA, can keep your family’s smiles healthy.

When you have a family, there are a lot of matters to take care of. One step you can take to simplify your life is to establish your family under the care of a family dentist. Your family dentist can treat all family members, giving them the thorough dental care they deserve, and saving you time and stress in the process.

Dr. Elizaveta Malinina of Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA, offers a wide range of family and cosmetic dentistry services, to keep your family’s smiles healthy.

Here are some of the benefits of family dentistry:

  • Your family dentist can save you time because you can stop going all over town to see dental specialists like pediatric dentists, periodontists, implantologists, and others. Instead, you can enjoy one-stop dentistry from a dentist you know and trust to provide great care.
  • Family dentistry can also save you stress, which is especially important in case a family member experiences a dental emergency. It will give you peace of mind knowing you will have access to dental care right when you need it, including after-hours, and on weekends.

Family dentistry means your family dentist can take care of all of your family members. Consider the following:

  • For your children, your family dentist can provide kid-friendly services like cleanings, fluoride treatments, exams, x-rays, dental sealants, and oral care instruction to promote a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene.
  • For adults, your family dentist can provide a wide range of restorative dental services like fillings, crowns, dental bridges, and even dental implants, to help you keep smiling.

Other services for adults include cosmetic dentistry options, to give you the renewed smile you deserve. You might choose a teeth whitening treatment, to brighten up a dull smile, dental bonding, to repair small chips and cracks, or dental veneers, to completely revitalize your smile.

To find out more about the benefits of family dentistry and how your family dentist can keep your family’s smiles healthy, call Dr. Malinina of Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA, at (978) 443-5500 today!