Happy Halloween


So it has been days since Halloween and you still have lots of candies and sweets lying around in the house. Sugar overload may be unavoidable at this time and that may not be good for your health and certainly, for your teeth, too! Eating candies can lead to tooth decay quite fast. Decay starts when the sweets are left in the surface of your teeth for a while. The sugary substance or other carbohydrates when mixed with your saliva and the other natural bacteria in your mouth gets converted into acid which in turn dissolves the enamel or the outer covering of your teeth. When the enamel softens, tooth decay is most likely to happen.

But this is not to say that you cannot enjoy your Halloween treats. Here are a few things you can do so that those treats cannot trick your teeth!

1.    Best to eat these sweet treats with a meal or shortly after meals. This is because you produce more saliva at this time and saliva helps neutralize the acid formed in your mouth   and takes away food particles.

2.    Brush your teeth immediately after eating sweets. The longer the sweets stay in your mouth, the higher the risk is for tooth decay to develop.

3.    Floss in between your teeth to remove any sticky residue that may be stuck in areas that your toothbrush bristles may not be able to reach.

4.    Drink lots of water, fluoridated water at best, to rinse away the sugars, to keep you hydrated and for your teeth to benefit from the fluoride content of the water.

5.    Don't forget to visit your dentist regularly to prevent oral problems from happening and to be able to treat these problems early on if you have them already.

(photo credits to www.FunAtZoo.com)