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By Millbrook Smiles
December 17, 2020
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Your oral health is immensely important. Besides having a healthy smile, proper oral care practices minimize your risk of developing cavities and a host of other oral health issues. It is a vital component of your family’s overall healthcare and wellness plan. In this light, having a trusted family dentist is crucial.

Here at Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA, your family dentist, Dr. Reina Garcia specializes in caring for people of all ages. But why do you need a family dentist? Here’s why.

Convenience and Effortless Organization

You can simplify your family’s life and schedule by making just one appointment for everyone. You won’t need to take some time off work to see your dentist and then take your children to another dentist on different days.

Your Family Dentist Knows Your Entire Family’s Dental History

If you or someone in your family experienced past oral health issues, sensitivities, allergies, surgical procedures, or risks, your family will have all those on record. With this information, your family dentist will be able to monitor your family’s oral health more effectively and determine the most appropriate treatments for everyone. Likewise, certain oral health problems are hereditary, so it helps to go to just one dentist for the entire family.

Get Rid of Dental Fears or Anxiety

Kids, in particular, usually develop fear or anxiety over dental appointments. But having a trusted family dentist will help allay these fears. When your kids see that you also go to the same dentist for treatment or checkup, they’ll learn to be comfortable with and trust your family dentist in Sudbury, MA. Remember that young kids mimic their parents’ sentiments and actions, so bringing them along to your checkups will help them in the long run.

Regular dental visits are critical for great oral health, and you can trust your kids won’t miss their dental visits even when they’re older because they’re not afraid of the dentist.

A Lasting and Trustful Relationship

There are various reasons why honesty and trust are crucial between dentists and patients. When there’s complete trust, it will be easier for you and your family to communicate with your family dentist openly and honestly. In turn, your dentist will be able to diagnose symptoms more accurately and recommend the most beneficial treatments specific to your case.

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