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March 09, 2020
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Are crooked teeth getting you down? Would you like to correct your dental alignment but wish to avoid metal braces? You may be a candidate for discreet smile correction with Invisalign aligners. Your family dentist, Dr. Reina Garcia, uses these clear orthodontic appliances at Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA. Discover how Invisalign aligners transform smiles.

The story of Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontic technology was FDA-approved in the 1990s. Since then, millions of adults and teens across the globe have worn these custom-made, invisible aligners to correct dental problems such as:

  • Malocclusion (poor bite)
  • Gaps
  • Crowding
  • Tooth tipping and rotation
  • Shifted midline
  • Orthodontic relapse

Made according to Dr. Garcia's detailed instructions and your dental scans, the aligners fit precisely over top and bottom teeth. Using no wires, brackets or rubber bands, these appliances gradually shift teeth into proper positions. Not only do teeth become straighter and more attractive, they are healthier, too, being easier to clean and less susceptible to decay, gum disease and the stresses of uneven dental bite.

Should you use Invisalign?

An oral examination and three-dimensional X-rays performed by your family dentist in Sudbury, MA, tell you if Invisalign your best option. If it is, you'll enjoy a faster treatment plan (as compared to conventional braces), comfortable, removable aligners and easy monthly progress checks at Millbrook Smiles. Wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours a day, removing them to eat, brush and floss. In an average of one year, patients have the smiles they've always wanted.

More benefits of Invisalign

Of course, people love their discreet appearance, but also, Invisalign aligners are smooth, very thin, and therefore, non-irritating. You may take them out for brief periods--say, for a job interview or prom, if you wish.

Finally, Invisalign results are certain and predictable. You actually can preview how your smile will change over the course of your treatment.

Change your smile

And, no one will even notice you're doing it. They'll just see how great your smile looks and how confident you are in your appearance. Would you like to know more about Invisalign clear aligners? Why not call for a personalized consultation with a family dentist, Dr. Reina Garcia, at Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA? Dr. Garcia and her team love seeing their patients smile! Phone (978) 443-5500.

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January 10, 2020
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If you have a large family, Sudbury, MA, family dentist, Dr. Reina P. Garcia, DMD, can accommodate the needs of each relative from infancy to adulthood. Here at Millbrook Smiles, we understand how hectic life gets, which is why we dedicate ourselves to making our practice convenient and accessible. Whether you have a child or a sibling in need of preventive dental care, a teenager who may benefit from orthodontics, or a parent or grandparent who requires restorations, we can provide the best treatment options for you.

What is a Family Dentist?

Children have different dental needs than adults and vice versa. They also tend to be more anxious in the dental chair. At our Sudbury office, Dr. Garcia relates to patients on a personal level at every life stage, providing them with pediatric, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatments, all under one roof.

What a Family Dentist Can Do for You

There a number of benefits to visiting a family dentist. To start, we can help your child or sibling establish a healthy relationship with brushing and flossing habits as early as possible, thus preparing them for a lifetime of good oral health. During tooth development, children also often require sealants to protect teeth from cavities from forming, a service we provide in-office.

For older patients, we can provide cosmetic procedures to fix minor and major perfections, including chips, cracks, and discolorations. Additionally, when it comes to tooth loss, our Sudbury office provides restorations that are specifically suited to your needs.

Interested? Give Us a Call

If you're tired of driving all over town to meet your family's dental needs, we offer services for patients of all ages. For more information about our Sudbury, MA, practice and the services we provide, visit our website. To schedule an appointment, please call 978-443-5500.

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October 30, 2019
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Reduce your little one’s risk of developing cavities.

While fewer children are dealing with cavities these days than decades before, approximately 43 percent of children between the ages of 2 mother-women-smileand 19 stil end up being afflicted by them at one point or another. Accordingly, the goal of our Sudbury, MA, family dentist, Dr. Reina Garcia, is to prevent cavities through providing routine checkups, educating young patients on proper brushing and flossing techniques, and offering dental sealants—a preventative treatment that helps protect the most vulnerable of teeth from being afflicted by plaque.

Read on to learn more about how dental sealants can protect your child's smile!


About Dental Sealants

Along with proper at-home care, there are ways that our Sudbury, MA, dentist can help your child reduce their risk for decay. One of these ways is through dental sealants, clear plastic coatings that bond to the chewing surfaces of molars.

Take a look at your molars and you will notice a number of ridges and grooves running along them. As you might imagine, it’s much easier for these areas to harbor bacteria, something that greatly increases the risk of cavities. In fact, according to the CDC, dental sealants prevent cavities by 80 percent for the first two years and can still be effective as much as nine years later!


Placing Dental Sealants

Once your child’s first set of molars come in (around the age of 6 or 7), our family dentist may recommend sealant treatment. Taking only a few minutes to place, the sealant process is both simple and non-invasive.

The treatment begins with our dentist cleaning your child’s teeth before placing a special solution over the chewing surfaces to allow the sealant to stick. The etching solution is then rinsed off and the tooth is dried before the sealant is painted on and hardened into place with a special curing light. Once placed, the dental sealants won't be noticeable as they are made from transparent plastic.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Sudbury, MA, to care for your child’s smile, then call Milbrook Smiles today at (978) 443-5500.

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July 10, 2019
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Dental bonding is a simple cosmetic treatment that uses a putty-like resin to make subtle changes to a tooth and cover imperfections such as chips, cracks, discolorations, and even spacing gaps. Bonding is one of the simplest, least invasive, and least expensive cosmetic procedures that our Sudbury, MA, family dentist Dr. Reina Garcia has to offer—read on to learn if it's right for you!

When is dental bonding used?

While this cosmetic treatment won’t be able to give you a serious makeover, it can make small and subtle changes that can improve the overall shape, size, and alignment of your smile. Bonding is great if you either have a discoloration that can’t be treated with teeth whitening, or if you have a chip, crack, or uneven area. This tooth-colored resin can also be used to cover exposed tooth roots if the gums have begun to recede (a common issue for those with gum disease).

What are the benefits of dental bonding?

As we mentioned before, this is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to enhance and alter your smile’s appearance. While there are other options like crowns or veneers, these restorations require more tooth preparation and multiple trips to the office. With dental bonding, our Sudbury, MA, family dentist can do it all in one quick visit! Furthermore, bonding is completely non-invasive, which means that you won’t need to undergo surgery. Bonding is simply applied, shaped, and then hardened into place. It’s that simple.

Furthermore, bonding resin is matched to the shade of your tooth before it’s applied so that you won’t even notice it once it’s hardened into place. Bonding is designed to look like real tooth enamel, so no one will even be able to tell which tooth was treated. With the proper care, bonding resin can last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

What can’t dental bonding do?

Bonding is a great option for those who are dealing with one or two teeth that contain small flaws. If flaws are more widespread or affect the actual integrity and health of your tooth, then crowns or veneers may be a better match.

Interested? Give us a call

If you are dealing with small imperfections in your smile and want to find out if dental bonding can help then it’s time to turn to the family dental team at Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA. Schedule a consultation with us today at (978) 443-5500.

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May 14, 2019
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A dental crown is one of modern dentistry's most effective ways to restore a fractured, abscessed, or decayed tooth. Also called a cap, this crownsrestoration surrounds the remaining portions of a tooth with lifelike porcelain from the gum line up. At Millbrook Smiles in Sudbury, MA, your family dentist, Dr. Reina Garcia, fashions and places beautiful crowns, in order to save and beautify smiles!


Stop the decline with a crown

Most teeth requiring crowns have a pre-existing health problem. Perhaps it's infection, in which case a root canal procedure comes first in order to remove any diseased pulp before the tooth is sealed and crowned. Or, maybe a tooth has had numerous fillings, or one very large one, and requires a crown to protect the overall tooth structure.

Whatever the case, Dr. Garcia looks at a tooth and X-rays it to determine if a crown would preserve it and bring it back to its former shape, symmetry, and strength. If it would, she'll complete the entire procedure at her Sudbury family dental practice, using a simple local anesthetic for pain relief and high-quality porcelain for resiliency.

To properly fit your crown, the dentist takes oral impressions and reshapes the tooth. She instructs the dental lab as to the crown's color and configuration, and she places a temporary crown to protect the tooth in the interim. When you return to Millbrook Smiles, Dr. Garcia will remove the temporary and permanently bond the new crown in place.


Easy to care for

With routine flossing and brushing at home combined with in-office care every six months at Millbury Smiles, your crown can last ten years or even longer! To maximize longevity, we must also caution to steer away from hard foods, such as candy apples and peanut brittle, and to wear a customized bite guard at night if you tend to grind or clench your teeth (bruxism).


A gap-free smile

Preventive dentistry helps you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. If you do develop a problem, a dental crown can restore life and functionality to your tooth. Contact Millbrook Smiles if you think a crown may help your misshapen, cracked, or heavily restored tooth. Dr. Garcia will answer all your questions. Phone us at (978) 443-5500.

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