All About your Sudbury Dentist

Proudly serving the Sudbury community since 2011 

Since June 2011, I have proudly served as a Sudbury, MA dentist. Although I have been a dentist for nearly 18 years, I feel very fortunate to call my Sudbury dental practice of Millbrook Smiles my home. When I took over this practice from Dr. Bruce Schneider, I made a commitment to offering cutting-edge dental services with caring and warmth.
Of course, some of the most common services I provide are preventive dental care. This includes coming to my Sudbury, MA dentist office for a cleaning, X-rays and dental exam. Regular check-ups allow me to pinpoint dental concerns before they develop into more serious conditions. Sudbury Cosmetic & family Dentistry
In addition to offering dental interventions such as tooth-colored fillings, dental sealants and scaling and root planing, I offer cosmetic dentistry services. I find my patient’s self-esteem is very much tied to the way he or she feels about a smile. A smile can bring confidence or it can mean something my patients try to hide.
I want patients to feel proud of their smiles. At my office in Sudbury, I offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services that can correct any issues ranging from a missing tooth to a gummy smile. If patients have an aspect of their smile they feel self-conscious about, I encourage them to talk to me about the issues they would like to improve. I can work with them to find solutions that help them feel confident about their smiles.

What do you feel self-conscious about when it comes to your smile? If you could utilize any of our cosmetic dentistry services to update your smile which would you choose and why?