Your Teeth and Soda


How much soda do you consume in a day? More and more people all over the world are drinking soda whether it is of the regular variety or diet. You may have heard of the high sugar content of these drinks but more importantly, these drinks are highly acidic. Acids can dissolve the tooth enamel which can eventually make the tooth weaker and lead to a more cavity-prone teeth. The following are tips that you may follow to prevent acid erosion of your teeth:

  1. Reduce, if you cannot completely eliminate, the consumption of soda and other acidic drinks.
  2. Use a straw placed towards the back of the mouth when drinking soda.
  3. Avoid swishing soda inside the mouth. 
  4. Drink water after soda-consumption to help wash off soda remnants in the mouth.
  5. Shift to healthier alternative beverages such as natural fruit juices, water and milk.
  6. Regular dental check-ups are a must.